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About AEP Ltd

Astra Engineering Products Ltd are a very experienced Presswork company that can work from CAD data to finished parts, on a wide range of presses. As a result of our continuous improvement environment, we have developed a strong market position for satisfying customers' pressings and welding assembly requirements, particularly in the automotive sector.

In total we have over 7,000 tons of capacity, single action press's from 100 tons to 800 tons and progression press's from 100 tons to 500 tons. In addition we have projection and spot welding facilities, if assembly is required. This allows us to achieve consistent time slot deliveries to scheduled requirements with high quality levels.

We also have a good relationship with a number of toolmakers, as well as painting and plating suppliers if required, to allow a one stop shop for any component.

Supporting Midlands Manufacturing, One Press at a Time

We have been a Midlands based manufacturing company for over 30 years, during which, there have been a lot of good names dwindle and disappear from the industry, for various reasons. In light of this, we aim to help to stop this decline and support manufacturing in the Midlands to grow, in any way that we can.

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Services Astra Engineering Products Ltd Provide


Press Capacity

We have a combined press capacity of over 7,000 tons in a wide range of power press’s, 11 of which are over 300t each. Interrogation of CAD information of most types can be carried out to allow detailed assessment of requirements.

Assembly & Finishing

Sub-Assembly work is also provided such as spot welding, weld nuts and manual assembly; this allows us to provide a complete solution to our customer

Company Statistics

Key Numbers

  • January 2020
  • 45
  • 1990
  • £5,000,000

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Queens Road, Aston, Birmingham, B67NH
Tel: 0121 327 3571